MMMmmmm doesn't that look good?



Our client of the week.  Check.

Pictures of a colonoscopy.  Check.

Drone footage.  Check.

Vegetable Lasagna recipe.  Check.

Pictures of Jared's home office.  Check.

Dan's Holiday Album.  Check.

Randy's golf scores.  Check.


You never know what you'll find on our extras page.



 1 Box of No Boil Lasagna Noodles

1 (16oz) Can of Stewed Tomatoes

1 (16ox) Tub of Ricotta Cheese

1 Jar of Alfredo Sauce (any brand)

1 Onion Chopped

1c Broccoli Florets

1c Cauliflower Florets

1 Small Bag of Shredded Carrots

1 Green Zucchini Sliced

1 Yellow Zucchini Sliced

2c Shredded Cheese

Fresh Cracked Black Pepper


How it all went down...


Let me start by saying, I’ve never made lasagna before, so all things considered, it worked out.  So here’s what I did, first I steamed all my veggies separately in the microwave.  Then I mixed the Alfredo sauce, stewed tomatoes, ricotta cheese, onions and steamed shredded carrots in a big bowl and seasoned it with a little fresh cracked pepper.  I placed my first layer of dry noodles in the bottom of the pan and coated it with a thin layer of my cheese/tomato mixture.  Next I added a layer of steamed broccoli and cauliflower, another thin layer of the cheese sauce, then another layer of noodles.  I repeated the process swapping out different veggies.  On the very top, I spread the rest of my cheesy mix and sprinkled the shredded cheese and a little more black pepper.  I let the concoction sit for about 1/2 hour then tossed it in the over at 400 degrees for 45 minutes.  Viola.  First time luck!





5 Boneless Chicken Breasts

1/3 Cup Chopped Pecans

1/3 Cup of Craisins

1 tsp of Toasted Sesame Seeds

1 tsp of Garlic Powder

8 oz of Plain Fat Free Greek  Yogurt

1 Tablespoon of Nance’s Sharp and Creamy Mustard

1 Small Bag of Shredded Carrots

2 Heaping Tablespoons of Olive Oil Mayo

1 Cup of Chopped Celery

1 Pink Lady Apple Chopped

Fresh Cracked Black Pepper

Sea Salt to Taste


What the hell happened?


Boil the chicken breasts adding a little salt to flavor. Once cooled chop up the chicken and mix all ingredients together. Add salt and pepper to taste and serve on a pita, in a wrap or on your favorite bread of choice!


Bon Appetit!






MMMmmmm doesn't that look good?
MMMmmmm doesn't that look good?
MMMmmmm doesn't that look good?