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There is no "I" in dan simrell advertising.

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Randy Williams - Client Specialist
Sarah McNany - Designer
Maria Conigliaro - Designer
Dan Simrell - Owner and Creative Director
Jared Sokirka - Production Director
Shannon Lesniak - Editor and Designer
Bailey Simrell - Digital Media
Randy Williams Senior Manager Sarah McNany Designer Maria Conigliaro Designer Dan Simrell Creative Director Jared Sokirka Production Director Shannon Lesniak Editor/Designer Bailey Simrell Web Specialist
OUR SPACE There’s a reason why most visitors to our home ask for a job application. It’s great space. With over 6,000 square feet of play area, this Georgian-style mansion has been retrofitted to accommodate a wide variety of activities. Whether you want to be filmed on our full green screen studio, jam in the recording suite, partake in an edit session, catch the latest flick in our 12 seat movie theater, be blown away in the design studio, or join our employees in an all-out Nerf skirmish, DSA is a fun place to work, eat, play, and swim (yes we said swim).
Specialties PRINT DESIGN For over 25 years we've been filling white space with creativity (and more white space) TELEVISION & RADIO Our roots are in broadcast. We have our own 4K cameras. digital editing and a full sound studio. WEB DEVELOPMENT This site speaks for itself. Besides, all the kids are doing it. MEDIA PLACEMENT You name it, we buy it. Newspaper, tv, radio, outdoor, social media, SEO. Eyeballs delivered. MARKETING Our clients wouldn't keep coming back after 25 years if we didn't have this art down to a science.
ADDITIONAL Specialties ORCHESTRATION TV music beds, original jingles, music stingers and fully orchestrated soundtracks. Yup. FOCUS GROUPS We love to host. DSA sports a 12 seat luxury theater, perfect for testing concepts and getting feedback. AERIAL VIDEO Up up and away. Having a certified FAA pilot and drone operator comes in handy. The latest 4K drone doesn't hurt either. APP DEVELOPMENT We employ an in-house geek. He is fluent in X-Code, C++, Java and lots of other things we don't completely understand. CUSTOM PROPS Let's see - we've constructed a 9 foot tall popcorn bucket, a life-sized, working operation game, a rotating, telescoping camera...